We highly recommend using 'Evans' waterless engine coolant 

No Water
Power Cool 180° contains no water eliminating the problems caused by water based coolants, increasing reliability and extending engine life.

-40°c to +180°c
Power Cool 180° has a boiling point above 180°c eliminating the risk of overheating and boil-over associated to water based coolants.

Low Pressure
Power Cool 180° generates 75% less vapour pressure than water based coolants, significantly reducing strain on hoses, seals and gaskets.

Power Cool 180° reduces cavitation erosion by 75% compared with water based coolants and eliminates oxidation corrosion.

Long Life
Power Cool 180° has been proven to last more than 20 years and a million miles in service without the need for replacement.

Non Toxic
Power Cool 180° has been tested and certified as Non Toxic by an EPA approved laboratory. It is biodegradable and will not bio-accumulate.

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Isolate from the constantly changing temperature and humidity of the ambient environment.

 by removing excess moisture, fuel/oil vapor and other contaminates from within the mini environment.

 using the patented Active Airflow Concept.
Circulate the air isolated within, by using Activated Carbon Filters under pressure.

For those of you who like to keep your cars protected at all times of the year we highly recommend you purchase a Carcoon. You can Purchase them through us by using the Parts contact form above. 

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After Restoration

During Restoration

Just one example of a customers XJS being given the Clarkes treatment. The car was purchased new by it's owner in 1989 and unfortunately in it's later life was neglected and time took it's toll. 

DB7 Suspension conversion
Polyurethane bush handling pack 
Selection of Wheels
MP3 Audio systems
Rear spoilers
Telephone hands free kits
Twin headlight conversions
Stainless steel exaust and high flow cats
And More, Just ask.

Clarkes offer a wide range of upgrades and modifications to suit your personal driving style and aesthetic tastes.

Fortunately with prices increasing, interest growing and being a smart investment the car was bought back to its former glory by Clarkes. This one owner car now has pride of place in the delighted owners collection.